Friday, October 27, 2006

Bush Serves More Kool Aid

This is hysterical and sick at the same time. Daniel Henniger, an editorial writing pimp for the Wall Street Urinal, attended Bush's meeting with right wing media whores the other day. In this piece about the meeting he goes on about how unpolitical the thing was ( barf ) and quotes Bush:
“My biggest issue that I think about all the time," Mr. Bush says, "is the next attack on America, because I am fully aware that there are people out there that would like nothing more than to have another spectacular moment by killing American people. And they're coming.”
Too bad this wasn't what Bush was thinking about before 9/11, he might have cut that vacation short and read some reports. Right... not political. Just tell the bobble heads that attacks are on the way and only he knows how to defend us. I wonder if this pimp asked about how port security was coming or how many suicidal terrorists there are in the world now compared to five years ago? Did he ask if Bush would like to have that spectacular attack this week maybe? No. He tells us this is a great man who only has our interests in mind. What a sack of shit! The implication that Gore or Kerry would not be as focused and concerned about our safety is so much crap. The lack of any analysis of the complete mess Bushco has made of everything world wide and how exposed we are to bazzilions of new enemies is a farce. This is all these shits have left less than two weeks out… to hope for disaster or the fear of it. Screw them.

~Posted for Gregg

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