Monday, October 30, 2006

Granholm, Yes! DeVos, NO!

Granholm hits home run with supporters:

“The people of Michigan are smart. They know the economy is tied to the auto industry, and we happen to have a larger concentration of those jobs than any state in the country. They want to know if we've got a plan to diversify our economy and bring in jobs, and we do.”

“Despite having a hostile Legislature, we still got through the main components of our economic plan,” Granholm said. “Plus we got a water protection act we had not gotten for 20 years, a higher minimum wage, an earned income tax credit, a tax credit for manufacturers and new high school graduation standards.

“Absolutely we would continue to work with them. But I would prefer a Democratic legislature because I would like to see a $4,000 scholarship for every single child and an end to restrictions for stem cell research.”

“Every time I turn on the television and see this president, I get angry,” she said. “This president has been utterly disrespectful of working people. Not only has he refused to meet with the CEOs of the Big Three (automakers), but he's also failed to enforce the trade agreements we have.

“We say all the time, 'NAFTA and CAFTA have given us the shafta,' but now the president has refused to take our trading partners to court, which has hurt Michigan more than any other state.”

As an example of unfair trade, Granholm said Chinese cars can enter the U.S. market with a 2.5 percent tariff, while U.S. automakers have to pay a 25 percent tariff there.

“We are not afraid of trade, but the playing field has to be fair,” she said. “My opponent is someone who lobbied for these trade agreements that have hurt Michigan. He's not a jobs creator in Michigan. He created jobs in China and eliminated jobs in Michigan.”

“We need a no-worker-left-behind law,” Granholm said. “We need a governor who is going to fight for 40-somethings and 50-somethings who have been left behind by this global economy. I'm going to fight for you. You got my back, I've got yours.”

Video: New Granholm Ad

Along with the Detroit Free Press, Lansing State Journal, Saginaw News and Ludington Daily News, Governor Granholm has garnered more newspaper endorsements:

The Muskegon Chronicle
The Battle Creek Enquirer
The Kalamazoo Gazette
The Bay City Times
The Ann Arbor News

and The Traverse City Record Eagle:
“Trying to blame Granholm for the shift in the global economy is simplistic to the point of dishonesty. Compounding that tunnel vision is the refusal to acknowledge the massive deficit Granholm inherited from former Gov. John Engler, who gave away a hefty state surplus via tax cuts for business. Who fixed Engler’s hole in the dam? Granholm.”


Dick DeVos (R-Amway) is a failure:

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