Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Mammals Support John Hall (NY-19)

I had the opportunity to see The Mammals in concert last night. They were part of a Benefit Concert for John Hall which also featured Bonnie Raitt. I was humbled by their keen awareness of our country's problems and their knowledge of worldly musicians. They sang a song titled "Solo Le Pido a Dios" which was written by a truly accomplished musician from Argentina Leon Geico.

The Mammals have release a primo CD titled “Departure” which has quite a few extraordinary songs on it. “Alone on the Homestead,” sung from the voice of a woman who has lost her entire family to a war, is a timeless protest song and hauntingly beautiful. Michael Merenda, who wrote the lovely ballad, sings the gender-bending lead vocal, with Ruth Ungar adding harmony.

You can listen to it here.

Tonight, John Hall will be on "The Colbert Report" - 11:30pm on the Comedy Channel.

There is a new poll out for the race in the 19th District in New York.

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