Monday, October 16, 2006

CT's Three-way

It was an interesting debate. This is the first that CT has heard from Alan Schlesinger (R), who -- for all intents and purposes -- was ignored (if not ousted) by the Republican powers that be. I think, at last poll, he had about a 4% approval rating. He seemed pretty decent. He lost it a couple of times. He is ABSOLUTELY INSANE regarding immigration ("build a wall. Let no one in."). But he appears to have not only helped himself. He has helped Ned Lamont.

Lieberman constantly ran over his allotted time without consequence. At least for most of the debate. Near the end, the moderators decided to put a stop to it. The moderator said, "Senator, time's up." With that, they went back to Schlesinger, who parroted, "That's right, Joe, your time is up." It was priceless.

Oh, in the opening statement, Liarman went on a rant about making sure the debate is civil and not wanting attacks (as he pointed to Ned with this comment). He said something about how the "rich" candidate will buy everyone beer and pizza if he attacked ten times or more. It was ridiculous. About ten minutes into the debate, Schlesinger had just finished answering a question. Back to the Liar, who (with his whiney, nasally voice) said, "I've already been attacked five or six times." Boo Hoo. You should have heard the audience boo that comment. It was great.

I don't have a strong sense of Lamont's performance today. I wasn't overly impressed. That could be me, but I REALLY want his campaign to take the gloves off. It's time for some serious fighting.

As an aside, Matthew watched part of the debate at the LOB today. The press corps was watching. They were LOL when Schlessinger made his immigration stance known. Schlesinger, BTW, was in a bit of hot water here in the past. He would go to one of our casino's under an assumed name. Casino officials watched him carefully and determined he was counting cards (to win). They asked him to leave and never come back. He lost something in five figures.

Finally, Matthew met Ned Lamont today (I am so jealous!). While he is home on his break, he is volunteering for Mary Glassman (D), who is running for Lieutenant Governor. Matthew's boss from the Malloy campaign is Glassman's campaign manager. Matthew is very close to his former boss. And they got to take a ride to Quinnipiac Law School. Matthew loved it! The dollar signs are floating in my head. I think he wants to go there after he graduates from WPI. I so need a job!!

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