Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Granholm vs. DeVos

Business Equipment Tax: The truth about the business equipment tax is that it should be reduced, but local governments cannot afford to have it eliminated. Dick DeVos refuses to say how he would pay for his business tax cut schemes.

Education: DeVos has a long history of fighting for vouchers that would take money out of public education.

CAN Trash: Governor Granholm supports legislation to discourage importation of Canadian trash, but it has been held up by DeVos' Republican colleagues in the Michigan Legislature.

Single Business Tax: Michigan currently has the 13th lowest business taxes in the country, and Governor Granholm has signed 72 business tax cuts since taking office. A recent study by the non-partisan Upjohn Institute found that changing the SBT would have very little impact, if any, on Michigan’s economic growth. Governor Granholm doesn’t want to give handouts to big corporations at the expense of everyday people, and unlike DeVos, she still the only candidate who has proposed a fair plan to replace the SBT. DeVos tells us to wait until after he’s elected to tell us his plan.

Health Care: Contrary to what Dick DeVos claims, the Governor has restored and extended health care coverage and prescription drug discounts to nearly 300,000 Michigan citizens.

Jobs Plan: The Governor's MI Opportunity Partnership connects those seeking work with jobs that are available right now and helps others get the skills they need to land good paying jobs. Since its launch, the Partnership has already helped 117,000 people get jobs.

Unfair Trade: President Bush's refusal to enforce trade agreements with China and others is ravaging Michigan’s manufacturing economy. President Bush has not found time to meet with the CEO’s of the Big Three automakers to discuss trade and rising health care costs, despite repeated requests.

Dick DeVos' support for President Bush and unfair free trade agreements is what got Michigan into this mess in the first place. *
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What you don’t know about Dick.

Everyday until Election Day, the MDP will list another reason why voters should not vote for Dick DeVos.
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10/17/06: Watch the new ad:

* The Michigan Democratic Party unveiled a new television ad to highlight this point, titled “Office”. The ad, which begins airing today, shows how Dick DeVos has supported NAFTA, invested $200 million dollars in China and reveals that DeVos incorporated Amway in Bermuda. Read more
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