Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lamont/Lieberman/Schlesinger ANOTHER DEBATE TODAY

So, it was held at the Bushnell in Hartford. A place I often go to when off broadways shows are in the city. Oh, and last Friday I went there with my son to see a forum with Bill Moyers and Andrew Sullivan. It was quite interesting. But I digress.

Seems the Lieberman camp didn't want live coverage of the 3PM event. "Reports" are that CBS is behind it, but I have my doubts. No cameras were allowed. No recording devices. Hmmmm. What other famous pug has behaved like this in the past? Remind you of anyone? I'm sure Cindy Sheehan can answer that!

Anyway, we (the people of CT) are not allowed to see the debate until tomorrow evening (it will also be on CSPAN). But I jumped around some of the CT blogs to see what is out there so far. I'd post links, but I'm kind of fried right now.

Just like the debate the other day, Lieberman consistently went over his allotted time. Bob Schiefer finally had enough and would cut off Joey's mike when his time was up. Yay Bob Schiefer! It is reported that LIARMAN is looking for a REGIME CHANGE IN IRAN! What a f*cking nutjob!

It appears Allan Schlesinger is aligning with Ned to knock Joe out. I couldn't believe it when I read:

Schlesinger: If you had someone doing a job for eighteen years, and after eighteen years, their record was one of complete failure, what would you do? What do you think should happen with that person?. . . Ned, you’re a businessman: what would you say about someone like that?

Lamont: I’d say, “It’s time to go”
Wowzer! I'd say Schlesinger is pretty damned pissed off at the Pug party for feeding him to the wolves and aligning themselves with Joey. Pay back time! Schlesinger has become a popular figure among Lamont supporters. It's an interesting phenomenon.

Finally, Joey did NOT stay around after the debate to take questions and answers from the audience (unlike the other candidates). Later, Schlesinger was swarmed by the media like never before. Ned, of course, had the same.

I can't wait to watch the debate tomorrow. It will be interesting to see. I tend to try to be more objective (not going to say Ned did a great job if it doesn't look that way to me). I'm anxious to see a new poll conducted. I'm hoping there will be one by the end of the week.

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