Monday, October 02, 2006

Lieberman and the Jewish Vote

This is a very interesting article published in my Sunday paper. I was apprehensive to read it since Joe's HUGE MUG was on the cover of this section of the paper. I was pleasantly surprised. I've often wondered about the Jewish influence in votes for him, but that isn't exactly a PC question to raise today.

Here's a snippet:

You might think Lieberman would have a lock on the Jewish vote in his home state. Indeed Beth El's Rabbi James S. Rosen, who was in Israel during the primary, said Israelis were shocked at the results. They couldn't believe that Lieberman, an observant Jew known for not campaigning or working on the Sabbath, hadn't received at least 98 percent of the Jewish vote, instead of the 61 percent a New York Times/CBS exit poll said he captured. This obviously means that more than one-third of Connecticut's Jewish voters in the primary rejected Lieberman. Even 18 years ago, the last time Lieberman ran in a competitive race, when he upset then-incumbent Sen. Lowell P. Weicker, 45 percent of the Jewish vote went for Weicker, according to a CBS News exit poll.
Full article here.

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