Thursday, September 28, 2006


Making a long story short, my MIL is doing better. She received blood transfusions today. What a difference! And what a relief! I'm telling you all, please be VIGILANT when caring for an ailing person. Ask detailed questions of medical professionals, and do NOT allow them to dismiss you. If you have even ONE question (and I bet it is usually more than that) unanswered, get in their faces until you are satisfied. It is your right and duty.

I saw the Edwards' on Oprah today. It was poignant. Even sad. I admit (selfishly) that I was a bit disappointed that there was little political discussion with John. But this was, clearly, Elizabeth's moment and about her book and her life's challenges. She's the real deal, and I continue to admire her and her strength.

Finally, surprise of all surprises, I have a job interview next week. It is my first in about 19 years. And over the past 9 months, I couldn't even TELL you how MANY applications and resumes I have submitted to various jobs. I'm cautiously optimistic. Could be that I'm superstitious that by the virtue of even telling all of you about this interview will jinx it. But I REFUSE to hold that mentality.

Just in case, though, don't ask anything else about it. I'll let you know how things turn out ;-)

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