Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let's Get the Party Started

Well look what happened today...the DCCC finally added John Hall to their List of Emerging Races. It took a lot but they finally coughed it up.

Daily Kos has a post up and the Mobilizer puts it rather nicely:

A number of people have been drawing attention here to this great campaign, and one of the things we've been asking people to do is contact the DCCC to urge attention to it, so this news reflects both the efforts of people here and the strength of the campaign.
Seems Sue Kelly is running scared now. Why? Because she has Carol Fox, the Voter Services Chairwoman of the Somers League of Women Voters miffed due to the fact that Kelly has not even respond to three invitations to participate in a forum in Somers next month with Democratic challenger John Hall. The Journal News has a piece on how Sue is actually dodging John to debate.

Finally, Jonathan Tasini wrote a beautiful post about John Hall and the Campaign. What is so important is that as many volunteers help as possible. We need to turn around this country and we also need to fix a lot of broken Dems in Washington who seem to back the wrong candidates too. The Democratic Party will get better once the people take control of it.

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