Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sierra Club Endorses John Hall

BEACON, NY - The Sierra Club, America’s oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization, announced its endorsement of Congressional candidate John Hall today in the primary election on September 12.

“John Hall is a committed environmentalist and has worked for clean water, clean air and clean, safe, renewable energy sources for nearly thirty years,” said George Kline, the local chair of the Sierra Club. “He is a leader among leaders when it comes to these issues. We need his strong voice in Congress more than ever because he’ll fight tirelessly for a sane energy policy that reduces global warming, the safety and health of our communities and the protection of our treasured wilderness areas.”

The Sierra Club has over 750,000 members and is a nonpartisan organization that helps support pro-environmental candidates for elected office. Over the years the Sierra Club’s efforts in this regard have included voter education, grassroots action, and direct candidate support.

Hall thanked the Sierra Club for its endorsement, and also congratulated the group for its longstanding commitment to safeguarding our environment. “I appreciate this strong vote of confidence and will stand up against the Bush administration, which has constantly placed corporate profits over the protection of our natural resources. It’s time to stop this unconscionable attack on our country—and our planet.”

John Hall for Congress
420 Main Street
Beacon, NY

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