Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Progressives Continue their Fight

While I needed to get back to my campaign for John Hall, I would not have missed being a part, be it so small, of the Lamont GOTV. What a truly incredible thing to see that it looks like voter turnout was close to 50%. Quite an extraordinary thing, when we see the base, the people, so energized. The Lamont win shows that people are able to take back their party, but more it showed that democracy can work.

More important it showed America and the world, that the Political Machines of both the Democratic Party and the Conservatives could be stopped by the people. I really liked seeing Democracy in Action by the people. I got an email from my sister in Kenya, she said that everyone there, well in the diplomatic circle, were watching this election and yet the people of Connecticut still have to contend with this sore loser who goes by the name of Lieberman.

Spazeboy, a truly impressive young man, took his fight truly to the grassroots and worked with the Democratic Party in his town. Spazeboy choose to speak to the people of his town, personally. He wrote today:

Senator Lieberman, I just want you and your staff (all of whom adamantly deny reading the blogs) that I take none of the events over the preceding months personally, and you shouldn’t either. Please respect the decision of the voters, and bow out gracefully like a true man of principle and a true Democrat.
Maura, who I met briefly one evening, wrote today about her work on Election day.

Ct Blogger has a request of every American:
Call or email your Democratic leaders and tell them to please support Ned Lamont as the elected Democratic nominee for Senate. Time is of the essence and you have the power. Please email me any responses you receive.
Chris Bowers at MyDD looks long term. This victory will be of tremendous benefit to both the Democratic Party and the progressive movement. He has a quick list of the reasons why.

Jane at Firedoglake recommends you pour yourself a drink before you read her post about Lieberman sacking his campaign staff, but Kos has some rather interesting news about what these staff members decided several months ago. Perhaps they did make this decision, but the true Democrat would have walked out the day Lieberman announced his bid to run as an Independent, or whatever he is calling himself these days.

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