Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Environmental Record of Sue Kelly

Yesterday, Sue Kelly made an announcement that she *found* a half a million dollars to help with bridge construction at Dennings Point. While I saw this as a your typical Bush style photo op, it was quite impressive to see John Hall's Campaign release a statement. For 12 years the Hudson Valley has had Sue Kelly as their Congresswoman and it is time to remove her. It is time to elect true Progressive candidates to Congress that will care for our environment all year long. Finding money just prior to elections is not what I call caring for our Earth, I call it bad politics.

John Hall, candidate for US Congress in New York's 19th district who is well know for environmental leadership, challenged Sue Kelly today on her environmental record.

Hall supports the ongoing development and intended work of the Beacon Institute, but is angered that Kelly is using her seat on the Institute's Board for a political photo-op.

"Rep. Kelly is neither a moderate nor an environmentalist," said Hall. "Since she was elected twelve years ago she has consistently voted down environmental safeguards."

In 2005, Kelly received a score of only 17% on her voting record from the League of Conservation Voters.

Prominent environmentalist and John Hall supporter Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. noted in his book that a 1995 rally in front of Kelly's office was "the first time in memory that a Hudson Valley congressional representative had been singled out as an enemy of the environment."

Hall has a long and distinguished record of environmental accomplishment, and is not an environmentalist of convenience. "The people of this district deserve better than an election-year environmentalist," Hall said. "I will fight for the character and quality of their natural resources and communities constantly."

17% is not a very good record, Sue Kelly is right there with Peter King and John Sweeney.

Where does your representative stand on
Conserving the Environment??

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