Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Lieberman Story You Won't Find in the News

Note: This is just an FYI and way to occupy my mind in ways other than my current situation (I wrote an update back at my original thread, FYI).

I think I wrote here before that Matthew was still on the fence about Lieberman/Lamont. He was leaning toward Lieberman, which made me absolutely insane!

Matthew got home from work last night, and he was furious (about numerous things, but I'm just going to talk about Lieberman). Some of you may recall that Matthew went on a DC internship last year with groups from his Young Dems and those in some surrounding towns. They were supposed to meet Lieberman. They went to his office. He never showed. But Matthew cut him some slack.

Anywhoooo, this year Matthew's former (HS) advisor asked him to come back and orient this year's group going to DC. It's a crazy schedule, they have to dress in business attire, etc. Soooo, Matthew finally touched base with said advisor about the experience for the kids. They went to Lieberman's office in DC. Lieberman's staff taunted and made fun of them! Lieberman showed up for a photo-op. He then asked, "Any questions?" Clearly, a rhetorical question because before anyone had a chance to respond, Joey bolted out of there.

Matthew was so angry about it that he said, "That's it. I'm voting for Lamont." Inside, I was saying, "YIPEE!!!!!!" But I said, "The guy has totally lost his mind. He's in a panic. Because of that, he's cutting the ties that bind him." Matthew agreed.

Way to go, Joe.

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