Wednesday, July 19, 2006

This is where (Block Island) Ken is taking me for my birthday tomorrow. It's a wonderful place. He hasn't been there before, but I have. It's quite lovely. We will bike and dine and shop. Sit by the ocean and sip a cocktail or two.

Barbi, Ken is bringing his digital camera (I cannot use those for some strange reason). I didn't realize, until today, you are a fan of nature shots. I will try and post the pixs here for you when I have a chance.

And, absolutely NO taking care of my MIL by either of us tomorrow (YAY!). I had to do her shopping today AND stay with her for a couple of hours because Ken's bro had an appointment and couldn't "sit" with her. It's way too stressful -- this situation. I hope we get test results soon AND begin to EMPLOY some hired help to care for her.

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