Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank you all for your wishes

I really appreciate it. We didn't get to go to Block Island. The ferry cancelled because of Tropical Storm Beryl. But we had a lovely time (really) anyway. We did some other things at the shore.

Unfortunately, shortly after we arrived home, Ken received a call from his sister. My MIL has an acute form of leukemia. They tell us she has six weeks to live. This came from left field for me. Ken? Not so much.

He and his siblings broke it to her tonight. They are going to draw up a power of attorney tomorrow. Within the next couple of weeks, we'll have the hostice papers signed by her. If any of you have ever been through this, it is one of the most depressing actions to take. Basically, the patient signs a form agreeing that he/she will die and no measures are taken to treat the disease. Then hospice kicks in with care and certain kinds of housework at the home. My father-in-law did it a few years ago. He, BTW, was also diagnosed with his cancer on one of my birthday's.

Just thought I'd fill you in as I am processing all of this. And what's up with DPD? I'm concerned. Does he have any family?

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