Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Back!!

Omigoodness, folks! I cannot believe how much difficulty I have had getting back in here! Mostly, it was a time thing. But still felt like I had to jump through hoops. Someone must give me tricks to remember my various user names and passwords so I don't go through this again!

Anywhoo, I've been a bit overwhelmed. My MIL has had medical problems over the past couple of weeks. Mostly required round-the-clock care. Seems she has three bulging discs that have rendered her only to sit or lie down. Walking is out of the question, and we have her in a wheelchair.

She was taken to the ER last night (third time since this all came up) because of excessive swelling of her legs and feet. Also, growing bruising from her feet up to her knees. Her arms, too. Worried about gangrene because she is a diabetic. That was ruled out. But, in the course of the diagnostic process, it seems she has leukemia (not related to back problem). My SIL, an RN, says it's treatable. Don't know enough right now. Meanwhile, my husband is in Rochester on business. So I am the conduit for the medical information. But my MIL is in good spirits. I suspect they (her children) have not told her about the leukemia at this point. No time to get them alone from her to verify it.

So, that's my personal crappola that's going on.

On the political front, please take ten minutes or so to listen to the radio interviews by my leftie radio program. One is with Ralph Nader about Lieberman. The others (3 segments) are ongoing interview with Jane Hamshey (FireDogLake) and coverage of the Lieberman/Lamont campaign.

I'll also link Colin's blog. From there, click on the Nader and/or Hamsher link. Podcasts are listed on the left-hand side.

I think Pam has some sort of familiarity/relationship with Hamsher (I noticed something on the DNC Blog), but I'm not sure the extent of it.

Rose is baacckk!!!

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