Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tom Cruise Gets What He Deserves!!

What a flippin' nutjob!

At this point, Over the Hedge is poised to pass Mission: Impossible III in domestic grosses. Yes, talking animals are out-grossing Tom Cruise—and they're not even Pixar animals. It seems beyond debate that Cruise has a problem, especially with the ladies.

The article recommends that Cruise takes one year off to foster (IMO) memory lapses by folks who witnessed him jumping on couches over his "love" of Katie Holmes. It was a total publicity stunt, IMO. AND I can't help but wonder if Katie is locked up in Cruise's basement dungeon or something and having Scientology crammed down her throat WHILE keeping her away from her parents. It seems to me Katie needs a serious intervention to rescue her from the cult freak.

And you can read more about how Cruise does whatever he wants no matter what anyone (wants to) tell him. Kind of reminds me of someone with the initials, GWB. Too cocky to consider he is wrong and refuses to change course. In fact, he won't even entertain hearing anyone telling him that he is wrong. Read more below:

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