Monday, June 05, 2006

If you like a good thriller, try this one on for size. I leave you one caveat, and that is the beginning of the movie. It shows somewhat "normal" lives for longer than I am used to in thrillers that I was a bit disappointed and wondering where the action was. But it comes on with a vengeance in due time. The ending is a COMPLETE surprise. Some edge-of-your-seat stuff there. Give it a try.

No real "reviews" for you folks because I don't want to give anything away. I'll offer more, if you like, to help ease the pain of rerun season.

And, on that note, we went to see another Aniston film, "The Breakup," at the theater yesterday. It was okay, but I hated the ending. Meanwhile, hub hit the men's room after the movie. There was another guy (older guy) at a neighboring urinal, and he was in stitches -- laughing his ass off. He had just seen "Over the Hedge." Hmmm. Maybe we'll give that one a try!

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