Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You probably missed this:

As I was posting up an entry (rebuilding my archives), this caught my eye and I realized why I posted it up. I don't know who the person is. S/he was on the Political Crossfire forum, which I never warmed up to, so I don't know what I missed, but I thought this was a good example of the anger and the division in this country thanks to the arrogant Commander Bunnypants. Funny, this was long ago and tensions haven't only NOT EASED, they've ESCALATED. Hmmm... Consider everything that's happened since then. No wonder.

Now I know that some people aren't as angry as I am and I should give this entry a FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING, but hey, they're just words and this person summed up about 10% of my feelings for the blindly accepting sheeple, or as I like to call them- plain & simply: THE ENEMY.

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A brief message to the Knuckledragger wing of the Republican party:
You guys are idiots. Fvcking idiots. In fact, I've never seen such a collection of morons in my life, and that includes the Nixon guys.

When I say idiots and morons, I don't mean walking into walls or sticking your hands into vats of bubbling tomato sauce. I mean, you guys are wrong. And you're wrong so often and on such a massive scale that science should come up with a new term for your species: homo stupidus.

The catalyst for this reality-based rant is the Terri Schiavo autopsy. But this isn't about the Schaivos or the ethical and moral questions that arose during that awful episode. It's about looking into the rear-view mirror and seeing that you Bible-thumping shitheads and your attack poodles in the media got it all wrong. Again.

Terri wasn't following that balloon with her eyes, Dr. Bill "Fvckhead" Frist, because she was blind. She didn't say "Mommy," Sean "Sh1thead" Hannity, because her cognitive abilities were gone. She wasn't strangled, Dr. William "Dick" Hammesfahr, but thanks for proving just how pathetically wrong you "experts" on the rabid right were in this case. You fvcked up big-time because you idiots dove into what you thought was a "hot button issue" without a clue what you were doing. You couldn't have been more wrong.
But the Schaivo embarrassment is just one more stinking turd on your Republican "Dungheap of Wrong."

You were all wrong on Iraq. Completely, utterly, insanely wrong on everything. The list has gotten too long to print.

You're wrong on global warming. And now we know you'll resort to doctoring scientific documents to hide your wrongness.

You're wrong on homeland security because we know that our ports, borders and infrastructure still aren't adequately protected. You're so wrong that we've been at terror threat "Yellow" for 1,204 days now, and at "Blue" or "Green" for zero.

You're wrong on those idiotic tax cuts. They haven't stimulated job growth in the slightest, nor have they helped the middle or lower class. Any idiot could see that, and I'm surprised you don't because you are such an extra-special class of idiots.

You're wrong for plunging our country $7.7 trillion into debt. What the fvck were you thinking? Have any of you ever balanced a checkbook in your life?

You're wrong for trying to fool us into thinking that throwing Social Security into the gnashing jaws of Wall Street will solve the (minor) problem we'll face 35 years down the stinking road.

You're so wrong---oh God, how you're just lame-brained here---for ignoring the massive health care crisis in this country. A grade of F- to you...and my extended middle finger, too.

You're wrong on stem cell research. You're wrong on "intelligent design." You're wrong on this crazy missile defense shield. You're wrong to ignore the genocide in Africa. You're wrong to force a cookie-cutter education "plan" on states without paying for it. You're wrong to send an abusive sh1thead to be our ambassador to the United Nations even though he openly despises it. You're wrong to embrace a radical, hateful religious faction of your party while---wink, wink---you claim to welcome all religions. And you're damn well wrong to suck up to residents of another country (Israel) because you think their destruction is your key to salvation. "Jerusalem's gone! Pack yer bags, Ma!"

There isn't a duncecap big enough to fit your big fat fvcking arrogant heads. There isn't a corner big enough for you to take a time-out in. You guys have been so absolutely, positively wrong about everything that it boggles the reality-based mind. And not just wrong---but willfully wrong.

I just wanted you to know that, you filthy, stinking radical Republican hacks. Hope I didn't spoil your golf game.

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