Wednesday, May 31, 2006

As a Women's Studies fanatic, I find this interview between Russel Shaw and "blogher's" Jory Des Jardin about gender and blogging is quite fascinating. Here is a small excerpt:

And while there are many brilliant male bloggers who are excellent storytellers, I firmly believe women own the narrative touch, whether they are talking about shopping or Darfur. Let's be honest, if you were to read a line from an anonymous blogger that reads, "So I'm in Banana Republic and the craziest thing happened..." who are you going to assume wrote it?

I happen to agree with that assessment about the narrative touch. And I had another thought, not in this interview, how many trolls are female? I don't think I've seen a one that I can identify.

Disclaimer: I've not yet visited Blogher to determine its quality when it comes to women. I will. Why don't you all visit too, and give some thoughts on it.

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Woman power!!

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