Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm a big fan of Felicty Huffman. I'm probably a bigger fan of her husband William H. Macy (you just have GOT to see Fargo!). And I was so pleased that Huffman received awards for this film. That being said, I'm not sure how I feel about it. The beginning was a bit dull, but that may be because I had already seen Huffman on her junket talking about the role in detail. Nothing left to the imagination.

As a woman, I didn't particularly like the character, Bree, in this movie. She was too prim and proper for me. Somehow, though, that persona did elicit a level of respect (limited LEVEL) from her long lost son. But I did like that she had heart and soul (when it seemed at first she did not) so great that she put her surgery in jeopardy in order to help the lost boy try to find some straight (no pun intended) ground in his life.

On that note, I do have questions about sexuality for her and her son and why he persued her before he found out she WAS his father (I hope that isn't giving too much away!). And Bree's mother was a total beotch!! This is a life and an attitude I don't understand. Granted I don't have a child in that circumstance, but I'm quite sure if either of my sons came to me and told me he was a "she" or gay, I would still love them as much as I do now. I might be a bit shocked at the initial revelation, but they are still my boys.

But, geez. That mom had some weird fixations on sex and penises (sp?) in general. She didn't like the pet dog's tail being erect b/c it reminded her of a penis. She yelled at the dog for cleaning his privates . . . accusing it of masterbating. Then she made some references that her husband (the seemingly only sane one in the family) was a sex maniac. Mom is certifiable, IMO.

Anyway, I still recommend watching this movie. It is quite an interesting story. It may serve to give more questions than it does answers. But isn't that what enlightenment is all about?

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