Monday, June 19, 2006

Pfc. Thomas Lowell Tucker
We are praying for you.

I don't care what that asshole Snow says, I think it is really important that we post about Thomas. May he return safe and be reunited with his family soon. Meanwhile Raw Story says:
Ahmed Khalaf Falah, a farmer who said he witnessed the abduction, said three Humvees were manning the checkpoint near Youssifiyah when they came under fire from several directors. Two Humvees chased after the assailants, but the third was attacked before it could move, he told AP. Seven masked gunmen, including one carrying what appeared to be a heavy machine gun, killed the driver of the third vehicle, then took the other two soldiers captive.
Leave a message, if you wish to and I will make sure that
Wesley and Margaret Tucker get them.

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