Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One Observation on the "National Language" Distraction

Now that I've gotten a few minutes, I'll g'head and finish my rant on pug shell-gamery. This is just my take on all the yapping and about what isn't being said.

They also want to remove, what? 31 laws that currently make the hiring and employment of illegals, illegal. That's buried in one edition of the bills before Congress -- oh but we noticed.

Back up and chew on that first sentence in the last paragraph a second. If the hardly-mentioned provisions pass, poof: An in-place worker class with no rights and no guarantees for citizenship under any condition, no vote, no representation. And neatly blamed on the Democrats somehow.

They know they'll never repeal the XIII Amendment directly, but they can skirt it with clever corporate chicanery. In the end, it amounts to the same thing.


A resident worker of a country who has no rights, no vote and no legal protection is a slave; nothing more and nothing less. He cannot "up and leave", get another job, get an education or enjoy any of the fruits of citizenship. In effect, he is trapped in what could at best be described as indenture or at worst slavery. It's a legal Perfect Storm.

Banning homosexuality by act of Congress, stealing elections, marginalizing everyone they can marginalize without trodding directly on the Bill of Rights and Katrina weren't working fast enough for 'em. They're resorting to media shell-games, stirring useless debate to divert attention away from the truly insidiousness of what they're up to. Then again, that is exactly how the out-of-control Republican Congress has operated since coming to power.

Theft atop corruption atop chicanery, all glossed over by obfuscation.

The stock market is quivering under the weight of bullshit paper. Corporate American elite are looking for a new moneytit because most of us out here literally don't have any more to give. They've charged us for living and breathing for so long that our great-grands will still be paying it off. In order to continue with record profits and CEO gimmees, somebody else has to pay to finanace the corporate elite.

Guess who, with their bazillion-dollar tax breaks that We The People are in debt to finance, ain't givin' it up.

Companies like WallyWorld (aka The Company Store) would coincidentally be out of further legal danger. (How long do you think it will be before scrip makes a comeback... just sayin'.) Think of how much hot water they've been in for undocumented workers and how very generous they've been to their Republican bought and paid-for Congress. Wal-Mart is just the tip of the iceberg -- of course there are far more corporations dependant on cheap labor: Big Agra (ADM and Cargill, who are also the biggest recipients of billions in tax "relief" for "not growing" things); construction, demolition and cleanup; the list is nearly bottomless.

Legalizing already-resident undocumented but long-term workers by removing penalties for employing them effectively creates the first class with no rights simply by making it by removing any penalty for corporations to have them. In no way can it be confused with amnesty -- it is simply another Republican money-grab that once again removes all penalties from corporations who commit the acts of hiring illegals and places the blame and burden on the innocent.

The sheeple bigot-fools on the right don't realize that the current population of undocumented aliens they're supposed to be scared of this week won't be even one inch farther away than they already are. Nobody's going to be deported anywhere and everybody knows it.


Much less that if the amendments repealing those 31 laws becomes legislation, more people who don't speak English will be getting a lot closer and soon.

As I have said for the last several years, if they can remove rights from any one, they can remove rights from everyone. There will be no safe quarter, no flag to hide behind, no court for redress and Jesus won't fly down to help.

Apr├Ęs Dumya, la deluge.

Oops... ahm spakin t'th'murrican paypul... English only!

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