Saturday, January 21, 2006

Six Degrees of Separation

In an exclusive last night on Air America Radio's The Majority Report, Rep. Louise Slaughter alleged that day-traders had been operating inside the offices of Senator Frist and Congressman Delay. Telling us that her source was "as good as gold," Rep. Slaughter promised to investigate further and get back to us. Audio available via AMERICAblog here.

Democrats want ethics committee to probe 'day trading' allegations. Via Raw Story

Meanwhile we know the Abramoff/GOP connection to sweatshops is old news, however dengre at Daily Kos always felt that the Tan Family and how they connect the GOP to China has been a very underplayed part of this scandal. He has always thought that when this part of the scandal breaks, it will break big. Zack Coleman has a lot to say, he writes for a Chinese Business Newspaper The Standard.

U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., met with a Marianas official who had close ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff in the weeks before Burns received an Abramoff-related $5,000 contribution from the Marianas and reversed his earlier position on a bill about the islands. Josh has much more at Talking Points Memo.

Don't forget that Jack Abramoff's own secretary, Susan Ralston, became Karl Rove's Personal Assistant, and that Abramoff said he contacted Rove personally on relieving his client Tyco from having to pay some taxes and still be able to get federal contracts. Abramoff said "he had contact with Mr. Karl Rove" on Tyco.

Karl the Hut, came out and gave the RNC their orders. When I first saw the headline I saw "Rove comes out" & thought well-there goes his job-unless he's better than gannon.....

And remember the national media has truly adopted this dissent-quashing dichotomy created by the Bush White House: one is either a follower of George Bush who praises his war and terrorism policies, or one is an enemy of the United States who is on the side of Al Qaeda. Much more here...

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