Sunday, January 15, 2006

If only....

While discussing filibusters and nuclear option with Dark Wraith last evening, a most interesting scenario was written by him, I wish to share it.

  • The confirmation of Alito goes to the full Senate with Bush calling for an expedited vote.
  • The Democrats want to open debate but get cut off.
  • One Democratic Senator, having taken the floor, does not quit.
  • The filibuster, having begun, turns to the media, which is much better managed by the Republicans.
  • At the same time, the Republicans surprise the Democrats by what appears to be a speedy move to the nuclear option.
  • The Democrats hold the filibuster ground, and the Republicans do a rapid vote on the nuke.
  • Game over... for the Alito process.
  • Budget bills start getting calls for readings.
  • Parliamentary moves on both sides try for different reasons to quell the ugliness. Before the media, the Republicans effectively argue that the "government will shut down" if the Democrats' irresponsibility isn't put to an end.
  • Alito, now safely packed into his Supreme Court seat, becomes a poster boy for the Democrats for what's wrong, not with the "process," but with Mr. Bush, himself, and with a culture of cronyism and corruption.
  • The Democrats begin to find their wind: the media is finally using the words "corruption," "cronyism," and "Republican" all in one breath.
  • With the election season heating up, a very old and time-honored American tradition is building a head of steam: throw the rascals out.
  • While turn-coat Democrats like Lieberman try to hold onto the old status quo, more powerful Democrats begin to press what increasingly appears to be a high-octane, anti-Republican sentiment.
  • Powerful media forces (even Fox News in small but significant ways) begin to play to the new market, very carefully and subtly at first, but with increasing vigor into the Autumn. The big network newscasts begin to run pieces stating the obvious that we bloggers have been screaming about all along.
  • Indictments in the Summer and Autumn fall into place like manna from Heaven.
  • The Republicans are slaughtered in the November election.
  • Once in control of both houses of Congress, the Democrats keep the Republicans' nuclear option and expand it as they immediately open impeachment proceedings against President Bush.
  • High-ranking Administration officials are dragged before Congress to testify on all kinds of matters, and the Republican minority is simply shut out.
  • Bush is impeached in the House, and the Senate trial ends his career as President, along with that of Dick Cheney. The Democrats take control of the White House, vowing to bring the country back to sanity.
  • The Republicans go back to their caves and plan their next comeback in a couple of decades.

Atrios, I do believe I like this one better than yours!!

A disclaimer: It is a rare occasion, indeed, when the Dark Wraith provides an optimistic scenario.

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