Friday, January 13, 2006

We all know that there's a lot of CONCEIT and ARROGANCE as our emperor props himself up and declares that he's a war president. We know people are being slaughtered on both sides on a daily basis and we know THE REAL REASON for the war, but...

Where's all the war money going? How much is really being spent? How's it being spent? What are the projections for future costs? You can find out some of this at
BLAH3/Life In The Shadow Of Empire in the article titled "This Is Lower Than Low". And don't miss "Misty Watercolored Memories" at Sisphus Shrugged.

And what of all the mercenaries, "private contractors" and diversion and funneling of "black-ops" money?

At least the photo-ops backfired:

BIG THANKS! to grannyinsanity for the finds on the numbers.

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