Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Music Of The Night

Night-time sharpens
heightens each sensation...
Darkness stirs and
wakes imagination...
Silently the senses
abandon their defenses...

Slowly, gently
night unfurls its splendour...
Grasp it, sense it--
tremulous and tender...
Turn your face away
from the garish light of day,
turn your thoughts away
from cold, unfeeling light--
and listen to
the music of the night...

Based on Gaston Leroux's novel, “The Phantom of the Opera" is perhaps Andrew Lloyd-Webber's best-known work.

The musical is also the most successful entertainment venture of all time, with worldwide box office takings of more than $3.2 billion, and has been seen by more than 80 million people in more than 65,000 performances in 119 cities in 24 countries.

“Phantom” has lasted nearly 18 years at the Majestic Theatre in New York, where it opened Jan. 26, 1988 — and the end is nowhere in sight.

Topping the record set by “Cats” (which closed September 2000), after 7,486 chandelier crashes, gondola rides and dramatic endings, "The Phantom of Opera" officially became the longest-running show in Broadway history last night.

Congratulations, Lord Lloyd-Webber

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