Friday, January 20, 2006

Tedski over at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion has a post that pretty much sums up the combined ineptitude, racism, and bullying attitude of our Federal Government under Bush:

This is from R-Cubed's Kansas Settlement bureau. The Border Patrol saw a guy driving a small truck containing several large bags, stopping at various houses in along Ft. Grant Road, between Willcox and the Graham County line.

Our boys in green got suspicious and pulled the guy over and detained him for twenty minutes.

Despite their rigorous law enforcement training, they missed the "Postal Service" T-shirt he was wearing, the fact that the bags bore the legend "US MAIL," oh yeah, and the "US MAIL RURAL LETTER CARRIER" sign on the side of the truck.

That's right, they pulled over the mailman.

OK, up to there, it is worth a good laugh. But then it gets weirder, and more disturbing.

The Border Patrol is claiming that Encinas was beligerent, a claim disputed by witnesses. They also said something to him that I find chilling:

"We have every right to detain you as long as we want because we work for the U.S. government, too."

In light of the indefinite detention of Jose Padilla, this cannot be considered just an idle threat.

Tedski continues...

An agent once told something similar to my brother when he had the temerity to be driving on the Tohono O'Odham Nation, which is where he was working at the time. Of course, he is a long haired freak, so I understand.

Whenever I hear about incidents like this, I always have to wonder if the incident would have occurred had the person involved been Anglo. Maybe they would have pulled him over anyway. I was pulled over once outside of Bisbee; despite my ancestry, I look Anglo. But, what are the chances that an Anglo that gets pulled over would be asked to prove citizenship?

Exactly. And once they figured out he was the mailman, they continued to harrass him because he was Hispanic.

With this kind of Keystone Cops crossed with Wyatt Earp people we have guarding our border, it doesn't engender a great deal of confidence, does it?

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