Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How could this happen?

Some megachurches are going to be closed on Christmas

citing the potential for low attendance.

Now, I understand that Christmas is a 'family holiday' and if you want to cancel Sunday school so you don't end up spending all day in church, that is fine (in fact, that is what my church is doing). But to actually cancel church? ON CHRISTMAS?!?

I remember when if someone didn't go to church very often, you would say they went for 'Christmas and Easter.' I guess that has now been stood on its head.

It really makes me wonder about people who go on and on about how saying 'Happy Holidays,' or not having religious displays in schools or crass commercialism, for that matter, are destroying the 'true meaning of Christmas.' I guess next time I hear that I will ask them if they actually went to church this year for Christmas.

And how can anyone suggest that we need more religion in schools, workplaces or in public venues when you can go to some of the nation's largest churches on Christmas day, on a Sunday, and find them locked up?

And then for an encore:

North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, outside Atlanta, said on its Web site that no services will be held on Christmas Day or New Year's Day, which also falls on a Sunday. A spokesman for North Point did not respond to requests for comment.

So, they won't have church for two weeks in a row, including Christmas. But they will demand that our kids be taught theology in the public schools.

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