Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Counter-Recruitment Day Sweeps US Colleges

"A military that is an unequal employer and that funnels people into an immoral war should not be able to recruit on campus," said Ian Chinich, a member of Rutgers Anti-War and an organizer of the December 6 protest. "We hope that the public and the anti-war movement realize that counter-recruitment is one of the most effective strategies for fighting against the war and is also a moral imperative."

A provision of the No Child Left Behind Act allows recruiters from the United States military access to schools and to data about students. Leave My Child Alone, which began last April in San Francisco doesn't like the military and wants recruiters to leave all students alone. It is a key part of an anti-military campaign that has targeted the nation’s schools as part of a long range strategy to undercut support for the war in and the War on Terror generally.

Marty On the Homefront
had a post regarding Veterans and Military Families:

Peace and Justice, Win Without War and hundreds of other peace and justice organizations will join hundreds of thousands of Americans in an action on Tuesday, December 6, 2005 to end the war on and occupation of Iraq.

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