Saturday, December 03, 2005

Young Adults Interrupt Hillary Clinton

As it seems, the young people in attendance at the Roosevelt University in Chicago were doing just what ol' Hillary was speaking about at the
American Democracy Institute's First Leadership Development Summit.

Hillary was there to give a speech about the power young people have in affecting policy in their communities. Affecting is just what those young people did.

First, a group in the balcony chanted and held signs that together read "Out of Iraq."
They were silenced after a minute or so while someone else held up a sign nearby.

Then a group elsewhere in the auditorium starting chanting. Some of it was inaudible, but they could be heard at one point saying "Troops Out Now."

So what does Hillary say?

The upcoming Iraqi elections are a turning point.

She also said that she is not for an immediate pullout, but she's not for keeping our troops there forever either.

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