Tuesday, November 29, 2005

White Supremacy Gone Madison Avenue

I'm not sure what coverage this ad is getting and I'd really like to know what areas of the country are being bombarded.

The Coalition for the Future American Worker, who are running the ad, turns out to be a front for several white supremacist groups, named in BDI article.

The ad shows people in manufacturing settings, complaining about foreign workers taking American jobs, peppered with phrases like, "Mr. Bush, I can do that job".

Indeed, the "illegal alien" campaign scare-tactic for 2006 is gearing up and we need to have boots to ground now. If this ad is running in your area, please send a letter to the station running it and leave a comment here.

I intend to follow this up -- with the FCC if need be. I already emailed my concerns to my local station, and am leaving a copy here if you'd like to use the boilerplate.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have a concern about a commercial you have been running for several days now, by The Coalition for the Future American Worker. I did some checking on who this group might be.

A quick Google brought me to a page half of which was the expected home site and a few sites that linked to http://www.americanworker.com . Immediately below is a list of links that explains that The Coalition for the Future American Worker is a front for a white supremacist group known as The Pioneer Fund.

From Building Democracy Initiative

The Coalition for the Future American Worker is one of the many fronts created by national anti-immigrant groups to conceal their agenda. The so-called Coalition is actually the creation of the two largest anti-immigrant organizations, the Washington DC-based anti-immigrant group FAIR and the Virginia-based American Immigration Control (AIC).

Together, AIC and FAIR have received more than $1.4 million dollars from the white supremacist foundation known as the Pioneer Fund.

The Pioneer Fund was founded in 1937 to further the cause of purifying the American gene pool by encouraging the descendants of white colonialists to procreate. Since that time the Pioneer Fund has become a centerpiece in keeping scientific racism alive through allocating grants for pseudo-academic studies. The Pioneer Fund serves as a primary supporter of the eugenics movement and has given it both the space to grow and the chance to politicize its research and theories.

Indeed, does your station have the support of white supremacists? Does your station support white supremacists? Why do you allow such insidious advertising, especially at the dinner hour?

I am a regular viewer and do expect some kind of response. I also wish to see that ad pulled.


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