Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Discussion Group

By January 2009, when the next president takes the oath of office, George W. Bush will be a relatively-young 62. This week's topic is: what in the world will Bush do once his presidency is officially over?

Among modern presidents, Bush, after his second term, will be young and healthy, and will have any number of options. He seems unlikely to write extensively on public policy (Nixon), or pursue international humanitarian and diplomatic missions (Carter and Clinton). Given Bush's standing and unique "talents," the teaching/speaking/Davos route seems out of the question. And he'll be too young to just golf and encourage well-wishers to watch his drives.

He's likely to enjoy the ranch, but there's only so much brush-clearing a healthy 62-year-old former president can do. So, what will Bush do with his time? What would a man with few curiosities and a tendency to avoid hard work want to do?
SOURCE: The Carpetbagger Report

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