Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Just "Alito" Lie

It's amazing to me that Bush would just lie about Alito's father...considering there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the original story. Talk Left has a good post up on this.

Bush upon nominating Alito:
And I know he's thinking about his late father. Samuel Alito Sr. came to this country as a immigrant from Italy in 1914. And his fine family has realized the great promise of our country.

Daily Kos printed the Enlistment Record of Samuel Alito:

Samuel Alito of Mercer, New Jersey was born in 1914 in New Jersey. There are codes on the data set for "Nativity" as well as "Citizenship" so there is no possibility of error here - unless Sam Sr. lied when he enlisted in 1938 to serve his country.

So the question remains...shouldn't Alito have corrected the record at the earliest opportunity? I mean after all, isn't Sam Alito a Judge.

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