Friday, September 16, 2005

What in the world is meant by "armies of compassion"...

Bush the Compassionate Conservative churning out Gersonian lines about faith and solidarity, and rediscovering poverty.

Amongst the churning, there were quite a few "Acts." I have only this to say about these Acts, that Bush is proposing to create. The last time there was a disaster during his presidency we were dicked with the "Act of Patriot" according to the Neo-Cons. Caveat emptor Democrats!

Ed Kilgore was stricken by the site of Jackson Square, emptied of the multitude of tarot card readers and portrait-painters and performance artists and street musicians and tourists and crazies who have always enlivened it, turned into yet another backdrop for yet another political speech.

Bush looked like the sole survivor of some apocolyptic event, speaking to a public that no longer existed, a leader of nothing.

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