Saturday, September 10, 2005

Watching Sen Frist easing himself away from this administration, it seems plausible that he indeed is planning on a Presidential run in 08. I'm sure he thinks his is a household name, but, particularly West of the Mississippi, the average voter couldn't pick him out of a line-up. Certainly, his family has more than enough money to fund a National campaign, and as Majority Leader, he can point to experience and even a few accomplishments.

That said, I don't think he is any match for Jeb, should Jeb decide to run. He would make a formidable candidate. I got to thinking about who I would work for in 08, and I believe I am leaning toward Al Gore. He has liberal enough credentials to at least mollify the Left, and the Moderate wing of our Party really has no reason to fear him. He is a Veteran, and is head and shoulders above most other candidates (especially Jeb) with respect to intelligence. Wouldn't it be delicious irony if Gore got a chance to defeat a Bush in 08...especially one from Florida?

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