Monday, September 12, 2005

Just watched a segment on CNN, it seems the blame game has entered the second half, and it's Govenor Blanco's turn at bat. Apparently, she wasn't specific enough in her request to President Bush for assistance. Why does this have a familiar ring? I can't quite recall, something about Bin Laden not including the date and flight numbers for his attack....This begs the question, why on Earth did we create this mammoth, far-reaching bureacracy called Homeland Security? One of our major ports destroyed, oil rigs badly damaged, a city flooded, and tens of thousands of evacuees fleeing into neighboring states, and the protocol is that the Govenor must specifically request to POTUS for troops? What has to happen before the Homeland Security Director notices that we are indeed vulnerable and acts? Perhaps if we'd have given the storm an Islamic sounding name?

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