Friday, March 06, 2009

The Going Gets Tougher, The Weird Gets Weirder

Bad, Bad, Bad Jobs Report: Unemployment at 8.1 Percent

Econopocalypse: Unemployment Climbs Even Further

1/3 Of America Is Crazy: They Think Their Jobs Are Safe

Solis: "Destructive Cycle of Job Loss"

Biden to AFL-CIO: Employee Free Choice Act Key to Rebuilding Middle Class

Fox News characterized not-so-secret Biden appearance at AFL-CIO meeting as "secret"

Emerging Research on Health Care as a Human Right: They Get It

Limbaugh the Ultimate 'Straw Man'

Limbaugh runs with homeless-cell phone smear

Democrats blast Limbaugh for comment on Kennedy

It's like deja vu all over again

Are Republicans Suddenly Concerned About Deficits or Do They Just Want to Embarrass Obama?

The Dittohead Party: Why the GOP Is Screwing Itself

Michele Bachmann: A Wordsmith She Ain't

Joe Scarborough Health Care Plan: Socialism and Murder

Scarborough baselessly claimed "we're spending ... $2 trillion this year ... just to pay interest on the national debt"

Michael Steele Rejects Calls for His Resignation: 'Not Me Baby!'

Steele takes down his blog.

50 Signs That Conservatives Are Screwed

Dept. Of Pots And Kettles

Republicans Living a Fairy Tale, Ayn Rand Style

The repugs lie about Obama raising taxes

$250,000 Lie - The Truth Behind The Tax Increase

When is a Tax Cut for 98% of Us Considered a Tax Increase?

Newsweek: Obama? Yes! GOP? Thanks, But No Thanks!

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