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Buzzing Around Cuckooland

Daily BuzzFlash Minute for February 27, 2009:

Repuglicans are living in an imaginary “Leave It To Beaver” world! It shows where their growth and development were stunted and stopped; it shows how old-fashioned and delusional they really are! Their actions reveal they do not have a sense of reality!!! First they brought us everlasting preemptive war, then came “torture” and the shredding of the Constitution and then they sent the economy to hell -- and now they say they are the “Party of solutions”! Frankly they are a party filled with the insanity of deranged men and women who live in a fantasy world!!!! They are the Nest of Cuckoos!

97,913,200 reasons Bobby Jindal is our GOP Hypocrite of the Week

Bobby Jindal's made-up Katrina tale was just standard right-wing MO

Bobby Jindal's Fishy Katrina Story:

Bobby Jindal, darling of the "new" Grand Old Party, keeps taking hits after his disastrous national debut. [...]

The only problem with that story? It contradicts what Sheriff Lee said in a 2007 interview [...]

Today, Governor Jindal's office was forced to admit the story is not true [...]

Right. They didn't mean to insinuate the Governor was actually there. I mean, who are you going to believe....them or your lying ears (and the transcript)?

Further discussion can be found in turneresq's diary.

Reagan, Jindal and the moral lesson of Katrina:

Katrina was a call for an active, big government, competently executed, efficiently organized, run by experts who both understand the complicated nature emergency management and believe in their responsibility to do good works for the country. In the end, this is what the moral of the Katrina story is all about.

There was a time when Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians used to at least pay lip service to the notion that the federal government must respond energetically in a time of crisis. A natural disaster, like say a hurricane, would offer the perfect example of the right time for government action. This is in part what made Jindal's homily about the failure of government so ill conceived.

A small lie from a big liar:

Okay, admittedly this isn't the biggest deal: FOX News reporter Carl Cameron falsely claims that Bobby Jindal skipped the Conservative Political Action Conference because he had to attend to "state business," when in truth, Jindal was actually on vacation with his family in Florida -- at Disney World.

But it is a perfect example of how FOX lies about all things, big and small, to make the Republican Party look good.

GOP's 'Disneyland to Las Vegas' lie has deeper consequences

Jobless Angry at GOP Governors for Playing Politics over Unemployment Funds

Obama’s Energy Budget Begins To Repair Bush’s Toxic Legacy

Obama Budget Lays Groundwork For Reducing Health Care Costs

Obama Health Budget: It’s A Boat Load Of Money, But Good Health Reform Demands Even More:

Details are slowly leaking about the health care provisions in Obama’s budget and so far, the news sounds promising. The administration plans to set aside $634 billion over 10 years for reforming the health care system, lower costs and expand coverage.

Obama’s budget includes family planning funding protested by Republicans during stimulus debate.

Carl Rove condemns Obama's budget: 'This is going to do long-term fiscal damage':

I'm not sure any member of the Bush administration should be making this kind of speculative charge. Especially considering that their budget-making in fact did inflict long-term fiscal damage.

Matthews Slams Issa for Using the Term "Democrat Party"

Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Bizarro World: ‘Every Major Tax Cut In History Has Created More Revenue’

Rep. Hensarling: Recessions are just ‘a part of freedom.’:

This morning on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, a caller asked Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) how Republicans would solve the current economic crisis. He replied by insisting that the best cure was more tax cuts, and said that recessions are simply “part of freedom” ...

Limbaugh Responds To Sanford: The ‘Hell We Don’t’ Want Obama To Fail! Just Need ‘The Guts’ To Say So

McConnell: ‘Who wants to hang out with guys like Paul Krugman…when you can be with Rush Limbaugh!’

CPAC and the Dumbing Down of the Republican Party

Obama to nix so-called "conscience rule":

Remember Bush's little parting Christmas gift, in the form of issuing a rule that allowed health care workers to refuse to participate in treatments or procedures that would violate their "personal, moral or religious beliefs?" Remember that?

Well, it's a new day, folks:

Obama administration may rescind 'conscience rule'
Officials say the move seeks to clarify rules for health care workers

Talk about divide, confuse, conquer and destroy ... between the budget and this move, social conservatives and tax-cut freaks must be feeling like a whole hive of confused bees thwacked out of their comfort zone and buzzing around trying to figure out where to sting first.

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