Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bush Endorses McCain

McCain = Third Term Bush President Bush has endorsed Arizona Sen. John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination, after a White House meeting Wednesday.

The Hill: While the two remaining Democratic contenders showed Tuesday night that their nomination battle could continue for months, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has already started a series of attacks aimed at painting McCain as offering a “third Bush term.”

That message, combined with the president’s low approval ratings, a sagging economy and an unpopular war, caused many reporters to ask Wednesday if the president could be detrimental to McCain’s hopes of winning the White House.

“Look, if my showing up and endorsing him helps him, or if I'm against him and it helps him, either way, I want him to win,” Bush said, adding that “they’re not going to be voting for me.” […] “And if he wants my pretty face standing by his side at one of these rallies, I'll be glad to show up,” Bush said. “But they're going to be looking at him, you know.” [...] “They're going to vote for who gets to sit inside that Oval Office and make decisions on how to protect the country and keep taxes low, and how to have a culture that respects the dignity of every human being.”

Earth Times: "John McCain just doesn't get it," said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. "American families are struggling with higher costs of living, stagnant wages and a mortgage crisis that threatens their homes and financial security, but as President Bush himself said today, John McCain is no change at all. All he offers is four more years of the failed Bush economy, an endless war in Iraq, and shameless hypocrisy on ethics reform. The fact is, the American people want change, not another out-of-touch Bush Republican, and Democrats welcome the opportunity to draw this contrast for voters."

• Third Bush Term on the Economy...

McCain's Short-Term Solution For the Economy? Tax Cuts for the Wealthy in Two Years, Of Course.

• Third Bush Term on Iraq...

McCain Would Spend 'a Hundred Years' or a 'Million Years' in Iraq.

• Third Bush Term on Health Care...

John McCain Does Not Have a Plan For the Uninsured.

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McCain "Totally In Favor" of Bush Social Security Plan.

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