Tuesday, February 26, 2008

De-mythologizing Republic-speak

From our Rev:

We're, what now? 6 or 7 generations away from the American Revolution. We're spoiled with always having had the Bill of Rights. These Republics, they've got nothing into it, so it's easy for them to exchange actual freedom for just the mere trappings of freedom.

Take this flag-burning beeyess that Congress had to put through instead of taking care of actual business. The Republics were all for it; they never once stopped to think that when a symbol of freedom is raised above freedom itself, then freedom itself becomes an unattainable dream.

In the republic-world, down is up, black is white, science is fantasy and fairy-tales are not to be questioned as a matter of "faith". Similarly, endless restrictions and punishments equate to "freedom". Yeah, you'd have to be as crazy as a shithouse rat to believe half the things they do; but that's another post. I've come to regard republicanism as a mental disorder that prevents people from considering the consequences of their actions, no matter how self-destructive those actions may be.

F'r instance, if you throw away your first and fourth amendment rights and can no longer dissent with an obviously corrupt government, then add to that the notion that the government can spy on anyone at any time, how TF can any sane person regard that as being "freer". Right. A sane person can't, but a republic will argue you into the grave. They'll buy any marketing-schmooze from a republic official, but fact is anathema.

I'm all for de-mythologizing republic-speak. F'r instance:

Values Voter - These are wedge issue voters. It is not a sense of national duty nor civic pride that brings them to the polls. The only thing that gets this bunch off their dead arses and into the polling booth is the joy of taking something they didn't appreciate in the first place away from someone else who desperately needs it. These are short-sighted and mean-spirited people who haven't the mental capacity to realize that they're voting their own sorry hides right down the river along with whatever group they're hating this week.

Protect America Act - Bullshit. Call it what it is: The Protect Corporate Colluders in Criminal Activity Act. The only reason the repugs in Congress and the Oval are pitching such a bitch about it is that they know they broke the law and now they want retroactive forgiveness.

Patriotism - Becoming an informed voter? Serving your country or community? Not in republic-world. In the republic-world "patriotism" is sticking a magnet on your gas-hog SUV while you send someone else's kids off to fight for oil. Patriotism is parroting party line (no matter how crazy) and (of course!) wearing a lapel pin. With more "patriots" like these, they'll have to call the Iraq occupation a day for lack of interest.

Illegal Immigrant - Any person of color, regardless of whether or not they were born in the US; except for African-Americans who were brought here against their will. The Republics can't and don't care to figure who's who. Did you know that hate crimes against Hindus increased dramatically after 9/11? Think about that! That's our "mental giant" republics at work.

Defense of Marriage - Yeah right. Just because a couple of guys across town want to live in peace and equality, the frantic sheeple republic's marriages are suddenly going to explode. Well, with a 54% divorce rate, I'd have to say they're doing a fine enough job ruining their own marriages. Let's call this bullshit what it is: Defense of Baby Bounty Tax Breaks for People too Irresponsible to Control Their own Procreation.

There's a million of these republic-speak words and phrases that need de-mythologizing. We're dealing with a group of people who read "New Lower Price" at the market and get all excited, never stopping to consider that what it really means is "New Smaller Bottle". The price per unit is of course higher, but the republic mentality will never take the extra 5 seconds to pencil that out. They're perfectly fine with getting f'ked so long as it's phrased prettily or can be turned into a slogan.

It's like George Orwell and P. T. Barnum had a nightmarish love-child and called it the republic party.

While they may be perfectly happy to throw their own rights away, they are absolutely not welcome to mine. If they want to live with a big-brother government that's more concerned with who's getting along in the bedroom than who's not eating in the kitchen; if they want forced religion in schools and to replace hard science with fairy-tales; if they want to live under a "justice" system that takes its cues from the maunderings of sun-baked prophets rather than well-thought-out system of fair justice, then I submit that their heaven on earth has already been created and they can leave America alone. The place that they so idealize is called Iran.

I say let's pass the hat and send them on the way to their Beulahland they so much wish to impose on the rest of us.


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