Monday, March 03, 2008

Rev's Monday Moanin' Rant 'n' Grr

From our Rev:


Grasping Old Pirates

Greed, Oil, and Plunder

Gross Old Perverts

Grabby Officious Plunderers ...

Generates Obnoxious Pollution ...

I'm still thinkin'. There have to be plenty more. What a thoroughly amoral, disgusting lot with their cow-stupid, drooling, knuckle-dragging followers. They never take on any of the personal responsibility they natter endlessly about. They roar in, screw up or completely despoil everything around them, then look around for someone else (who likely was completely uninvolved) to blame.

They've screwed this country to the wall, sold its citizens in bondage to the mega-corporations, stolen everything not nailed down and carted it to offshore tax havens they created just for the purpose. Either we rise up and vote in a Progressive Congress this time or there will never, ever, ever be another chance. We've already hit all fourteen points of fascism and the "federalist" and "strict constructionist" traitors to the Constitution have already rescinded rights that once-free Americans took for granted -- and now have lost.

Any red-blooded, patriotic American would fight rather than give up their rights. The pug crowd are all-too happy to throw their rights away to those who don't deserve to be in power, just because those in power are willing to throw the words "Jesus" and "conservative" into their vile diatribes, even though they have amply demonstrated that they don't give a whit about either Jesus or conservatism. This GOP performs acts that Jesus will never let them get away with in the hereafter and prove that the only thing they "conserve" is our money into their pockets.

I long for the day when every last one of them is rotting in the mega-prisons they've built for us.

* * * * *

Either everyone becomes serious about rescuing this country from a complete slide à la USSR into grinding poverty for all but the top 10%, left with nothing but warring crime syndicates just like modern-day Russia, or we'll be there within a very, very few years. We've already got one foot in the grave and the other on a nanner-peel.

The wealthiest 10% have already grabbed 90% of the wealth and privilege --yet demonstrably they're not satisfied. The traitors on the right have happily thrown their rights away -- they're damn well not welcome to mine. The 19%-ers have no right to throw America away out from under the majority.

Either we are serious about making this election a landslide or we are seriously in deep crap. The military/industrial complex Ike warned us about are here. The same kind of people drove the former Soviet Union right into the ground (Raygun had absolutely nothing to do with it, despite the fairy-tales the right like to believe). They're doing a good job of it here.

There hasn't been any real money in the banks or in the stock market for the last 30 years. When that paper castle they've built starts collapsing for real (and it's going to -- it already is) we're going to be in a complete world of hurt. We will look back as a nation and will say "we saw it coming, but we didn't think the worst could actually happen to us". All the clues are there. Either we fix it with a peaceful revolution at the polls to put Progressives into Congress or we will soon suffer the consequences of our inaction.

* * * * *

Anyone who can't vote for a Democrat this fall isn't serious about keeping their rights and the Constitution intact. We've lost so much, thanks to single-party rule (vs. governance) from the Republics. While I respect the right of other people to throw their rights and country away, I absolutely resent the fact that they disrespect me by throwing my rights and country away with them. Nobody has the right to take my rights away.

But by either voting for McKook or staying at home in November, that is exactly what they're doing. They're stating loud and clear that they despise America and they despise the Constitution. I'll say it again: If you want a country where a single religious sect makes the laws in accordance with a single interpretation of a religious text; if you want a country where Big Brother spies into your bedrooms, your every phone conversation and your every email; if you want a country where a single religion is taught in public schools; if you want a country where there are no rights for females and minorities; then, I submit that your heaven on earth already exists and that you should pack your bags and go there.

It's called Iran. The rest of us who love America and are willing to fight for it will pass the hat and make sure you get there -- and good riddance.

* * * *

Our banking system is in major trouble, our economy is in major trouble, joblessness has once again increased -- and who was at the helm stealing all they could get their hands on, selling our jobs and our country out from under us, whilst ignoring the problems they themselves were creating?

Betcherass that blame lies squarely and 100% on the Republic party.

Vote Democratic whilst you still can, lest the deluge of shyte the Republics have created washes us all and our country with it completely away.

* * * * *

Oh, but the Great White Idiot in the Oval says there isn't any domestic turrisstesses. (*snark*)

I mean, if the bozos in DC can't catch the ELF freaks, don't care if family planning centers are blown to bits, and they can't seem to catch the perpetrators of hate-crimes that have soared exponentially since the Chimp took office, then how in hell are they going to catch al Qaeda?

QED, Bush's cronies can't find there own arses with two hands and a huntin' dog. Worse, the Republics in Congress have squabbled over the spoils of spending bills, whose cronies are getting what, and they've blocked all meaningful legislation that would secure our borders and make us safer. The net effect is that demonstrably, the US is far more unsafe than we were pre-9/11.

I fear to think, but nonetheless I do think that the PNAC and fascist crowd will not go either peacefully or gracefully after their certain defeat in November. They have demonstrated that by leaving us unsafe, they're either itching for or will manufacture another "Pearl Harbor event" in order to secure power once and for all. If you will remember, the resident gave himself the power to declare martial law to suspend elections -- and he never does anything without an ulterior purpose that will soon be revealed. I would not put it past the neoKKKons, not for a New York split-second.

* * * * *

Patriotism is serving your country in honorable fashions, not hollering for war then standing back while someone else's kids go die for your greed. Patriotism is being involved in your governance, not playing with your vote like it's for American Idiot, er, Idle, er, Idol. Patriotism is holding your elected officials accountable for the well-being of all your fellow citizens, not flocking to the polls because some yay-hoo says that the most important thing they have in mind to do is to deny rights and equality to fellow citizens. Patriotism is conserving and preserving national treasures and resources, not sticking a frickin' magnet to an SUV.

There's much to be done, and much education to catch a lot of folks up on. It's an unthinkably massive job we've got ahead.

~ Red Letter Rev


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