Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kristen Breitweiser

Kristen was on Larry King tonight (huge thanks to DPD, I think, who mentioned it on DNC blog). King played the various soundbites of Coulter's criticisms of the Jersey girls to Kristen. She artfully (articulately, classily) responded without counter attack. She impressed me (as she always has) a great deal.

Kristen described their behind-the-scenes efforts to formulate the 9/11 commission as "contentious." I got the impression it was a pretty awful battle. And she also said she was not happy with how the 9/11 commission conducted things. She cited matters like the lack of putting witnesses under oath. They didn't exercise their subpoena power. They wouldn't hear any of the whistle-blowers. Why am I not surprised?

What a great lady, Kristen is. Still, clearly, a sad/grieving woman. I'm going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to buy her book. I know of no other way to send support in her direction.

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