Friday, September 08, 2006

Fired Up!!

I am still in a bit of shock after my meeting at Lamont's 5thCD office. I got there about ten minutes early. There were NO more parking spaces! So, I kind of rode around in a circle for a few before I illegally parked (along with LOTS of others) in the lot next door. There was a handful of Lamont workers sitting outside the front door of the office.

I proceeded in. When I got to the hallway leading to the office, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was PACKED. I mean, like crazy, PACKED. They had to start the meeting late because of the last minute stragglers. It was standing room only, AND THAT included members of the crowd stuck in the hallway because of lack of space. The crowd was raucus. Lots of clapping and roaring over the primary win.

One of the staffers got up in front of the group. He had a plastic grocery sack. He said, "Campaigns are expensive, and we like to recycle." With that he said, "Look what I found at the diner this morning." He pulled out a binder that had a banana peel hanging from it. "I pulled this out of the garbage." He flipped the binder over, and it's cover said, "Classified ..." (forgot the rest of what it said. Inside, the title page said, "Joe Lieberman's Playbook, by Karl Rove and (dang, I forgot who the other one was)." The room erupted in laughter and cheers. Next page said something like, "Cut and Run, but Stay the Course." So funny! There were more, but I don't recall.

They talked about phone banking and canvassing, neighbor-to-neighbor parties and house parties. About an hour into it, a staff member said the next-door neighbor was going to tow anyone illegally parked in their lot. About twenty five of us made the mass exodus. I really wanted to go back and talk to some people there. But there really was nowhere else we could park. It was almost over, anyway. But I felt a bit cheated from the energy in that place. It's all very exciting! I look forward to be a part of this campaign between now and November.

Oh, did I mention I got a new "Women For Lamont" button? :-)

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