Tuesday, August 15, 2006

GOP stuck in panic mode over Lamont

Shazam! A whole week now, and the GOP is still fuming over the Ned Lamont win over Joe "Dino" Lieberman...

See, WTW fans, it's like this, the GOP is praying we will be nice, and offer "centrist" candidates who will roll over, play dead and do whatever the GOP dictates. The last thing they want...or need...is pure opposition.

Opposition. Meaning, we Dems are not the GOP's buddies, and why should we be? The GOP sold us all out, turned this nation into a crapfest, a laughingstock, and as of late, a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. And they want us to be nice?

Read full article here (this is the first I've seen this blog, so caveat emptor):


Meanwhile, I heard from my best friend tonight. She was in Europe for the month of June. From there, she has been in RURAL PA until yesterday. I'm talking no internet, no cell phones, and no real coverage of the Lamont/Lieberman primary. She's a politically savvy person, so I was REALLY surprised that she didn't know about the hacking accusations against the Lamont camp on primary day. She knew nothing about the "kiss" buttons nor the mobile. To say that NOTHING was covered on the Malloy/Destefano campaigns. The ONLY coverage in hooterville (I teasingly call that place in PA where her parents live), was Lieberman's "concession" speech.

I told her that CSpan covered our local elections. Her parents have a dish, but she hadn't thought of checking that station. Oh well. At LEAST she knew Lamont won, and she is thrilled about it. When I think about my obsessive coverage of that night, I would be miserable to have missed it! But she was happy that I could fill her in on the details.

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