Friday, August 11, 2006

Does your Representative in Congress Represent You?

Did he/she vote for authorizing President Bush to use military action in Iraq?

Did he/she vote against asking President Bush to develop a plan for withdrawing US troops from Iraq?

Did he/she vote for Medicare Part D Drug Benefit Plan and FOR prohibiting individuals from ordering drugs from Canada?

Did he/she vote for a budget bill which reduced funds for student loans, veterans benefits, Medicaid, Medicare and employee pensions?

Did he/she vote for free trade bills which lack provisions for enforcement of fair salaries and decent working conditions overseas and which resulted in job losses in the U.S.?

Did he/she vote for exempting $5,000,000 from estate taxes?

Did he/she vote for stiffening procedures for individuals to file for bankruptcy, many of whom face overwhelming medical bills, while allowing credit card companies to continue to offer new cards to people already in financial trouble?

Did he/she vote against imposing a windfall profits tax on oil companies?

Did he/she vote against negotiating an international treat banning weapons in space?

Did he/she vote against allowing the FDA to establish national food safety warning standards?

Did he/she vote for tabling a house resolution to investigate activities between Congress and Jack Abramoff? Has he/she returned campaign contributions from Tom DeLay's political action committee, ARMPAC?

My Representative Sue Kelly's answers to all these questions is YES. She DOES NOT represent me, that is why I am supporting John Hall for Congress.

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