Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Okay, I'm going to bitch and moan about relatively minor things that have left me feeling like this----------->

Went out for gas. Hmmm. It was only $41 to fill my tank that wasn't even down to a quarter!! While gassing up, a MAJOR thunderstorm hit. Scared me to death it was so close! Hit the grocery store. The checkout wrongly said I had no money in my ATM account (why do some machines do this?). Charged the groceries.

(Forgot to mention my husband called in the morning to let me know our son had a small car accident down at the shore).

Okay, so I was going to go to my favorite fast food joint via backroads (still storming). I see some tree limbs down. I hear fire engines, so I know this is really bad. I got close to the road that leads to the fast food. It was cordoned off with bright orange horses. Doesn't matter too much at the point b/c it was raining so hard that I couldn't see. Pulled over to a drugstore to wait for it to pass.

Pulled out to the main drag. I can't take the left turn I want because that was also cordoned off. Sooo, I have to go right for quite a distance before I found a break in the median that would allow me to U-turn back toward the restaurant. Parked too close to someone. When I opened my door, It smashed my pinky finger against the side mirror of other car. Finger turned black. Oddly, the sun came out.

Got home and ate. Seemed everything was fine. I had to take out the trash. I get to my recycling bin, which had a bag of media weighing a good 30 pounds! None of that stuff was mine. I figured out my husband (for whatever reason) had taken his mother's mags and papers and put them in our bin -- WHEN HE WAS GOING TO BE OUT OF STATE AND THE TRASH WAS MY JOB!! (Note to self: husband has a death wish).

Had to clean out the fridge cuz I had lots of leftover food from the grad party. I fill a plastic grocery bag with fruit salad, expired watermelon, pot salad, etc. Take bag to basement and garage. The barrel is full with brush my husband cut down over the weekend. I mean it was REALLY full (not to self: Husband REALLY has a death wish!!).

Back up the stairs to my kitchen, and I see puddles all over my counter and floor. Don't ever use plastic grocery bags to get rid of messy leftovers. Believe me. It's a bad idea. So, I now have to mop both of my floors and suck up fruit juices off of my counters. Oh, and I decided to rebel and NOT put out our newspapers so husband has to do two weeks worth next week (There are many ways to kill a husband!).

I finally sit down to relax. No sooner than that, and the perpetrator of my frustrating day calls from the hotel. He asks what I'm doing. Wants to know WHY I am sitting down. I recount afforementioned and solidly placed the blame on him. He willingly accepted. Then he wants me to set up my webcam so he can see "us" (Me, Matthew and the cat). "Why is that? You have been gone for two days. Did you forget what we look like?"

What ensued was four hours of total hell over this silly pursuit. His IM's were all expired. He d/l new im. But my IM said he was offline! He insisted he wasn't. GRRRR!!! Then my IM said I was offline, and I wasn't! He went off to dinner, and left me to install a different IM. It wouldn't work!! I tried EVERYTHING. Luckily, the master computer kid came home. He fixed my end. Husband's still said that I was offline, but I was able to text him.

I FINALLY got to where we could webcam him, but the invite didn't go through to his IM (firewalls in hotel?). Then he says, "Never mind. I have to go study." WHAT???? "It's 9:30. I've been at this for hours, and now you are blowing me off?" GRRRRR!!! With that, we hung up.

I put in IM what I intended to be my last, succinct comment to him, "pfffffffffffffffttttttttttt!!!!!!" Yet, he responded. I told him he got me all stressed out for no reason at all. I am going to watch a movie to try and unwind. I'll contact the divorce lawyer in the morning" ;-)

Am I destressing with a movie? Noooo. I'm sitting here rehashing the whole thing like a stupid idiot!! I hope you all fared better today!

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