Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am telling Rumsfeld...."ENOUGH!!"

Last night I called my mother to see how she was doing. She was infuriated over Rumsfeld's question mocking. I had not seen the clip until Think Progress put it up:

Yesterday, during a surprise trip to Iraq, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was confronted by a U.S. Army corporal who said the Buffalo he was using was “one of oldest pieces of equipment in the country,” and that just two weeks before, he’d seen a brand new Buffalo in New York City. Rumsfeld defended the Pentagon’s anti-IED efforts and deflected the specific question with a joke.
I think this comment by Leo Belladaere sums up what we probably all are thinking after Rumsfeld:

Right. The poor guy is out there risking his life, and Rummy decides to make a joke out of the proceeding.

I am just wondering: how can anyone still believe that this Administration gives a damn about any of the troops? This kind of callous, calculated display, with frivolity covering up the disdain for the men in uniform, should make it clear to anyone considering enlisting: you are fighting this war for his profits.

And isn’t it time that someone told him “Enough!”?

Leo has a blog of his own. It is worth reading.

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