Saturday, June 24, 2006

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

A couple of days ago, Greg posted about Dan Rather. I am not sure if many remember the bizarre event that occurred one night in October 1986. Dan Rather was walking down a Manhattan street when he was punched from behind and thrown to the ground. His assailant kicked and beat him while repeating, "Kenneth, what is the frequency?" That attack inspired Michael Stipe to write a song. Michael also said:
"It remains the premier unsolved American surrealist act of the 20th century. It's a misunderstanding that was scarily random, media hyped and just plain bizarre."
Those words he said, sure are right. Just look at what happend during this past week.

Just Another Idiot in the Wall: Don Goldwater, the GOP candidate running for Governor in Arizona is officially being indoctrinated into the "Reincarnation as a slug" group. Old Don actually called for the creation of a forced labor camp for illegal immigrants and that he wanted to hold the undocumented immigrants in camps to use them as labor in the construction of the Wall.

That's the sound of the man working on the chain gang: Joe Lieberman has been busy releasing lies about Ned Lamont's position of the Kerry Amendment.

Teach Your Children Well
: I am sure that most have already read the article by Richard Morin. However, I agree with what Matt Stoller says: "What the 'Daily effect' really shows is that Jon Stewart is able to accurately describe our political world to young people. And in fact, Daily Show viewers not only have more negative feelings about the political system, but they are better informed than 'hard news' viewers."

Don't Dream its Over: Digby actually had second thoughts about being to harsh in criticizing the Democrats for their response to this Republican trash talk on the war. I am sure glad he went ahead and posted it.

Welcome to Miami, Buenvenidos a Miami: Spin Dentist says: "I suppose the gentlemen who got arrested, as ragtag as a crew as they are, who couldn't even supply their own boots, should still get arrested for plotting some kind of bombing. But from reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Times, it appears to me we have a distinct whack job factor going on here, as well as an IQ deficiency."

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