Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow."
~Dan Rather

I watched Dan Rather my whole adult life. For me there was no network news other than CBS. Vietnam, Watergate, those nasty and foreboding Reagan years ... thru it all Dan reported with more of an edge and more of a connection to the average citizen than the other major news shows. I think he had Bush by the tail in 2004. It seems clear that, whether or not the document was tampered with, the little bush cheerleader had been both AWOL and insubordinate while in the Air National Guard. (Remember the secretary whose memory of the bush piglet was quite clear on this?) But the facts of the case and the obvious abuse of privilege by the rich punk were not enough to bring him down, and the jackals had their way with Dan. Now the rich kid gets to send other people's sons and daughters off to die in a war he lied us into.

So I hope Dan finds a new job with some teeth to it. CBS and the MSM are not of much use to me anymore, with the way the world of cyber space has evolved and the MSM has turned, to check out line foolishness. If Dan finds some venue to ask his hard questions, and go in the field where the shit is flying, and take down some pompous asses, I will be following him again.


"What many of us need is a spine transplant. Whether it's City Hall, the Statehouse or the White House, part of our job is to speak truth to power."

~Dan Rather

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